Monday, January 11, 2016

Antique 1920s Art Deco Ring - Double Imitation Pearls - Sterling Silver Patterned Shank

This is a vintage Art Deco imitation double pearl ring. It is a very tiny size 2.50. 
This is NOT adjustable! I do not recommend re-sizing of this ring as it may 
damage the imitation pearls. Each imitation pearl is set in a flower like cup. 
One pearl is a cream color and the other is a teal bluish green gray color. 
Both pearls are a nice large size. The darker pearl is larger than the cream colored one. 
The ring has a floral design engraved around the band. Very much like 
the "orange blossom" design that was so popular in the 20s and 30s. The ring is 
marked sterling. It dates to the 1920s. 

I do not recommend re-sizing of this ring as it may damage the imitation pearls.

---Size: 2.50 (Very small size.) This is NOT adjustable!
---Cream Pearl: approximately 9.5mm
---Tealish Gray Pearl: approximately 10.5mm

---Some wear.
---Very light surface scratches and some spots on pearls. 

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