Sunday, January 10, 2016

Antique Victorian Multi Colored Enameled Earrings and Pin Set - 1870s

This is a colorful antique Victorian enameled set. Brooch and earrings. The design 
is very intricate and is done in black, blue, red, white, turquoise and yellow enamel. 
The base of the earrings is a dark silver tone metal with a gold gilt finish. The 
earrings have a little dangle inside of the drop. It is a gold gilt Etruscan granular 
style little circle. 

I do believe that the pin had one of these little drops at one time, as there is a little 
loop at the top. My guess is that over the years, one was missing from one of the 
earrings, so the one on the pin was used to replace it. This set dates to C1870 and 
it is amazing that after 140 years it is still together!  

Earrings: 1 3/8" by 3/4"
Pin: 1 1/4" by 1 1/2" 
The pin stem extends a good 3/8" past the pin itself. A great indicator of it's age. 
It also has a tube type hinge. All in working order. 

---There is enamel loss on both the pin and earrings. 
---There is also loss to the gold gilt finish with pitting as well. 
---The ear wires are very dark and blackened. 
---As mentioned above, I believe there use to be a drop in the center of the pin. 
---The pin stem has a bend in it toward the end.

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