Friday, January 8, 2016

Large Antique Victorian Miniature Portrait Pendant Of Marie Antoinette

Large and Ornate. An antique Victorian hand painted pendant of Marie
Antoinette. Can also be worn as a pin . The details in the silver work are amazing. You can see the heart shaped cut out right below the portrait. All of the cut out work was done with a jeweler's saw. Quite a lot of work. Obviously done by a skilled jeweler. 

The hand painted portrait of Marie Antoinette is signed, but I cannot make out the signature. There is water damage to the portrait, but I did not remove it from the frame, for fear of further damage. It is still quite beautiful! 

It has six pink paste stones set around the portrait. Marked 800 silver. 
It dates to the mid to late 19th century.

2" in length by 1 3/4" in width
the bale adds an extra 1/2" in length

---The portrait seems to have water damage. Being sold as is.
---Some greening on the metal.

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