Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tiny Antique Victorian Locket - Black Enamel - Dented - Tintypes - C1860s

Very small, very dented and well loved antique Victorian locket. I say well loved 
because the front and back are very dented. Most likely from a teething baby 
chewing on the locket. One side of the locket has a floral engraved design. The 
other side also has a decorative engraved design. Both sides have black enamel. 
The front and back panels are 9k gold. The frame and bail of the locket are a 
plated base metal. Inside the locket are tintypes of a man and woman (under glass). 
The locket opens and closes properly. It dates to the 1860s to 1870s. 
Being sold as is.

---Front and back are very dented.
---Lots of wear to the enamel.
---Wear to overall finish and loss of plating....inside and out.

1/2" by 3/4"

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