Thursday, January 7, 2016

Tiny 1860s Antique Victorian Locket With Tintypes

Tiny and petite, this antique Victorian locket was a well loved keepsake. 
On one side, under glass, there is the photo of a young man. The other 
side has a beautiful engine turned design. Inside the locket, under glass, 
there is photo of a lovely young woman. She is wearing earrings and a 
lace collar. In both photos, they appear to have tinted cheeks. The locket 
opens and closes properly. It dates to the 1860s.

In the last photo, the photo appears to have a green tint. It does not.

5/8" in diameter
1" in length (which includes the loop)

---Wear to the gold filled finish. 
---Inside the locket there is some discoloration. 
---You can see the greening in the photos. 
---Some very teeny tiny dings on the outer surface.

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