Friday, February 12, 2016

Antique Georgian Wax Seal Fob - Pendant - Charm - 1820s

A beautiful antique Georgian wax seal fob or pendant. Early 19th century. It 
has a beautiful ornate hand chased floral design. Flowers and leaves. I have 
not tested the metal. So selling as gold tone. The glass wax seal shows a lot of wear. 
A lot of chips around the edges of the glass as well as scratches. For the life of me 
I cannot make out what the seal depicts. I see it being everything from a flower 
basket, a man on a a cannon. It also has some traces of red paint 
behind the seal. Most of the paint is gone. This piece dates to around 
1800 to the 1820s. 

Height:  1 1/8" 
Widest Point:  3/4" x 5/8"

---The glass wax seal shows a lot of wear. Chips around the edges 
of the glass as well as scratches.
---Traces of red paint behind the glass seal.
---Some discoloration on the metal.

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