Wednesday, February 10, 2016

HUGE Vintage 1960s Marvella Bubble Pearl Ring - 24mm

This HUGE vintage Marvella bubble pearl ring certainly makes a statement. Liza 
Minellie wore one of these Marvella bubble pearl rings in the April 1968 issue 
of Vogue Magazine. Gold plated. This ring is Currently a size 8 and is slightly 
adjustable. Signed MARVELLA. Dates to 1968. Because of the condition, it is 
being sold as is and has been priced accordingly.

Ring Size: The ring is somewhat adjustable....The mechanism that makes it 
adjustable is worn out. You can stretch it up by just a tiny bit....maybe by 1/2 
a size. BUT you cannot make it smaller.. (currently a size 8)

Pearl Size: approximately 1" diameter. Approximately 24mm.

---Some scratches on the pearl and a few little black spots. 
---Sizing mechanism does not work properly.
---A lot of wear to the gold plating. 
---Greening on the plating as well.

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