Friday, July 1, 2016

Heavy Vintage Turquoise Mosaic Bead Necklace - Knotted - Tibetan? Chinese?

This is a pretty vintage turquoise mosaic beaded necklace. It is very heavy! 
Not sure of it's origin. Possibly Tibetan. Chinese. I am unsure of it's age, but 
I have had it for nearly 30 years. I do believe it is much older than that. The beads 
are graduated in size. Knotted in between each bead. There is a metallic string 
wrapped around some of the knots. (Some of this metallic thread has become 
unraveled, but he knots are intact.) There is a toggle type silver tone clasp. 
Please look at all photos and make your decision accordingly. Selling as is.

Length:  21" end to end
Weight:  96.9 grams
Beads:   Range in size from approximately 18mm down to 13mm 

---There is wear to the some of the beads. 
---Some of the beads have what look to be age cracks. 

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