Wednesday, May 4, 2016

For Repair Antique Victorian Locket - Enamel - Tri Color - 1860s to 1870s

*****This is an antique Victorian locket for repair or for a project. It is missing 
the pin stem and the bale at the top. If repaired, this could be worn as a pendant 
or a brooch. It looks like there was an earlier repair to the pin, as there is a roll 
over safety clasp still in place. ***** 

Now about the locket. It is a tri color piece. Green, pink and yellow color metal. 
I do believe that some of the pieces are gold. The main base of the piece looks to 
be rolled gold. I have not tested any of it. You can see wear to what I believe to 
be rolled gold. (See Pics) The center piece is hand painted enamel. There are 
applied green leaves. Applied flowers. There is a seed pearl set in a pronged 
setting at the bottom. There is an empty setting at the top. Most likely held 
a pearl as well.

On the back is the locket or hidden compartment. To open, just pry it open 
with your fingernail. It contains the original glass and paper. This piece dates 
to the 1860s to 1870s.
IMPORTANT about Condition:

-----Missing bale
-----Missing pin stem
-----Missing one stone or pearl
-----Some discoloration and wear to the metal

2 "  by 1 1/8" (at widest point)
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