Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Antique Victorian Locket - Etruscan Revival - Tintypes Under Glass - Gold Gilt - 1860s to 1870s

An antique Victorian Etruscan revival locket. It is a gold gilt over metal. 
The front of the locket has beautiful granular type work. Also on the front, 
there is a seashell. I am not sure when the seashell was put there, but it 
seems to be very firmly attached. So maybe a memento of a trip of the 
couple pictured inside the locket. Two fabulous old tintypes or photos 
under glass are inside the locket. Initials are engraved on the back. 
Beautiful decorative bale. The locket opens and closes properly. 
It dates to the 1860s.

1 1/4 by 1" without the decorative bale
1 3/4" in length with the decorative bale

---Wear to the gold gilt finish. 
---Some dark spots and overall discoloration. 
---Surface scratches

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